Gearing up for PASIC 2017 Focus Day Performance

Hey Friends, I’m gearing up for my Focus Day performance at PASIC 2017 on Thursday November 9 at 9 am in the Indianapolis Convention Center, Wabash Ballroom. I’ll be presenting Stuart Saunders Smith’s stunning marimba opera entitled¬†The Authors. The piece asks the performer to speak, sing, and act all while playing the marimba. It’s a stunning work of art and I hope that you’ll join me for the performance. Details about the PASIC performance can be found here.

The piece can be heard on my solo CD entitled “Theatrical Music for Solo Percussion” on Albany Records that I released in 2015. That CD can be found here. I recently rerecorded the piece at Stuart’s request for an upcoming five CD set of his music that will be released soon. Here’s some pics from the recording session at UMBC last May 2017 with Alan Wonneberger as engineer, Sylvia Smith as narrator for the final movement of the piece, and Stuart Smith as coach and guide through the recording process. It was great to revisit the piece again for a new recording and to try some new things for the second time around.